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Demystifying Health System Accreditation

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Health system accreditation includes processes and activities which assess organizational compliance with standards and improve upon the quality of provided services.

Formalized accreditation programs are most often offered through independent third-party agencies. Accreditation outcomes includes receiving improvement feedback and recognition awards which are commensurate to standard alignment. (HSO)

Why is accreditation important?

Government and other global health organizations often place heavy emphasis on developing quality standards and compliance systems that can inform strategic quality improvement activities. Third-party accreditation offers the opportunity to obtain independent and unbiased standard compliance data to maximize health system improvements.

How does accreditation work?

Health standards are developed and are informed by national and international stakeholder collaboration. Standard developments involves rigorous, evidence-based and recognized processes. (HSO) Health standards form the minimum expectations to be achieved by health service organizations.

The standards are used as the basis of accreditation programs. Accreditation programs aim to assess the degree of organizational compliance (quality assurance-QA), the organizational commitment to reflexional compliance actions (quality improvement-QI) and the organization’s commitment to on-going improvement (continuous quality improvement-CQI) within the context of the standards.

Hence, health standards and accreditation programs aid organization improve health system and service quality by; measuring compliance, identifying and remediating gaps and optimizing on-going quality improvements. (HSO)

Best accreditation approach?

The preferred and recommended accreditation approach is to align accreditation objectives with strategic and operational goals. Organizations that view accreditation, as part of its on-going strategic journey, tend to benefit most from accreditation, often achieve the best accreditation results and are often seen as best in-class.

How can MorFokus help?

MorFokus Consultants have extensive experience in assisting national and global organizations with their accreditation activities. We serve as a conduit and empower organizations to align their systems with accreditation. We will help you carve a path through your accreditation fog and will work with you so that you achieve best accreditation results!

Whether you need assistance with your existing accreditation or need help in locating appropriate accreditation standards, products or programs, we stand ready to help you in your quality journey!

Email to start your project journey!

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