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Reflecting on 2019 & 3 months of sustained business growth

The past 3 months have been truly rewarding! When MorFokus Consulting Inc. officially opened it's virtual doors to our Canadian clients, on September 25, 2019 we did not expect the success that we have attained in such a short period of time!

With only 3 months under our belts and 5 happy clients we are super excited to be moving forward into 2020 with positive results.

In our technical division, we mobilized a team to provide the City of Leduc, City of St. Albert and The Little Potato Company flu vaccine clinics for their staff. This initiative, has been proven to reduce sick days and improve productivity in the workplace. Huge thanks to Kayla, who managed the delivery of this important service and for joining our team. Simultaneously, we deployed Carl, to provided on-site support and client relations for Triple Fox Energy Services.

On our management side, we embarked on an exciting accreditation project with the Cold Lake Ambulance Society (CLAS), and are proud to be contributing to their vision of being recognized as a leading non-profit EMS organization, EMS provider and employer of choice. Our team has been providing consulting services preparing CLAS for their Accreditation Canada survey in the coming months.

As the dust settles, the imaginary paint dries, and the novelty of our virtual firm wears off we are proud to share that the foundation on which we built MorFokus is solid. Built on 35 years of combined practice, business experience, professional relationships and graduate studies. Our approach is to be innovative, creative and to seek collaborative problem solving utilizing global teams of subject matter experts.

One initiative that we are determined to deliver is consistent, quality content for our clients and global audience. If you are reading this, thank you for being our inaugural audience member and stay tuned on your favourite social media platform for more!



Western Canada Division

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