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Which accreditation system is best for You?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

When considering which accreditation systems is right for you and your organization you will first need to consider if the accreditation organization has relevant and applicable standards and program(s). If you are fortunate enough and face having to decide between multiple accreditation systems, consider the following in making your selection:

Peer Reviewed and Accredited

When deciding on an accreditation organization, it’s important to understand if they are themselves accredited. Superior accreditation organizations most often subscribe to their own external peer review systems such as those offered by the International Society for Quality in Health Care. (ISQua Accredited Bodies)

Global Reach, Encompassing and Relevant

Select an accreditation agency that has global reach, is well recognized for its quality systems and relevant and comprehensive standards.


Select and accreditation agency that ensures its standards are developed with consideration for evidence, leading practices and peer-review.

Aim to Help You

Quality accreditation agencies will often provide its client with self-assessment tools to help you in your own self-assessment. They will also often offer the opportunities to collaboratively learn through; webinars, collaborative inter-agency learning events and/or leading and quality practices libraries.

Important to Remember

While you may not know all there is to know about accreditation, our MorFokus Consultants have extensive experience in assisting national and global organizations. Whether you need assistance with your existing accreditation or need help in locating appropriate accreditation standards, products or programs, we stand ready to help you!

Email to start your accreditation journey!

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